We are currently accepting submissions for our SPRING 2022 issue. Please read our general submission guidelines below before submitting.

We welcome submissions from all Black Queer Femme writers and visual artists—both emerging and established. Writers, submit your personal essays, cross-genre hybrids, op-eds, reviews, interviews, and cultural commentary exploring the quarterly theme and its relationship to Black womanhood/girlhood/femmehood, Black Feminism/Womanism, Queerness, power, society, and/or culture through a Black Feminist/Womanist lens.

We want to read your bravest, Blackest, queerest, most challenging pieces; those pieces that mainstream media would never accept. The controversial conversations that people aren’t ready to have, those conversations we need to have with “just us” – we want to have them here.

Critical essays and reported pieces should be well researched with valid and reliable evidence to support the piece. However, please do not submit anything that reads like an academic paper.

BFC publications are never written to appeal to or placate any group outside of Black queer women and femmes of all genders. We reserve the right to accept or deny any submission at our own discretion. Submissions that include stereotypes, respectability politics, and other negative ideas about Black queer femmes, in particular, and people, in general, will be denied.

We do not accept previously published work. We accept simultaneous submissions but you must let us know if it is accepted elsewhere.

All pieces submitted are subject to any changes suggested by BFC’s editors. Please be open and willing to work with our editorial team to refine your piece.

We will reach out to you if your submission is chosen. We are unable to respond to all submissions.

Currently, accepted literary art submissions are compensated at $150-$300 per published piece.